With the accumulation of experience we gained from our production of Sheet Door Frame, Fire Door and Wooden Door, which we started in 1997, BEHAS GROUP Orm. Item. Ltd. Sti. We continue our activities in Antalya Kepez Region, 3000m2 of which is closed, in a total area of ​​5000m2.

Our mission

The most valuable thing is to strengthen our experience with our expert staff and to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. Before we set off, we determined our missions very well by being aware of our vision and we were shaped by putting Human at the head of our mission. In this way, we have always considered it our duty to provide you with safe and healthy service and to be the gateway to your dreams.

Our vision

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our company in the national and international market, to be a reliable and respected organization of Turkey, which constantly develops its own methods in our field of expertise, pioneers the sector.